Lose Weight: Take Control of Your Environment!

Weight loss food
Supermarkets often do their best to sell you junk food – you need to be strong when shopping – remind yourself of your weight loss goals before going in the shop

When you are trying to lose weight, managing your diet is really important. Unfortunately, we’re usually surrounded by unhealthy foods – and this makes it more difficult for us to make healthy choices. We tend to snack on foods that we have access to – so if biscuits are in the cupboard, you’re more likely to eat them!

If we surround ourselves with junk food, is it any wonder that we eat more of it? If our environment is full of temptation, we’re much more likely to give in to cravings and fail to achieve our weight-loss goals.

Controlling Your Food Environment

You need to learn to take control of your food environment so that healthy choices are easy to make, and unhealthy options are more difficult. It’s usually easier to change your environment than to change your mind. Simple guidelines to control your food environment include:

  • Use smaller plates – you’ll tend to eat smaller portions
  • Don’t keep biscuits, sweets or crisps in the house!
  • Put salad & vegetables on the table – you’ll eat more of these healthy foods
  • Keep your fruit bowl highly visible – on your desk or in the car
  • Restrict your access to junk food – if you don’t buy it, you won’t eat it!
  • Make water available – take a bottle of water with you to work, leave a jug on the table
  • Strictly limit the amount of sweets and crisps you buy for the kids
  • Don’t buy cakes and biscuits when you visit friends – avoid temptation
  • Don’t keep gallons of alcohol in the house – you’ll be more likely to slip into the habit of mid-week drinking!

Things You Can’t Control

There are many situations where you can’t control your food environment – and in these situations you need to be strong! If you’re going somewhere where you know you’ll be offered unhealthy food, be prepared.

In particular, stay focused on your weight loss goals when you’re food shopping or eating out. Keep a reminder of your weight loss goal with you – and look at it when you feel tempted!

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