Lose Pounds – Drink Water!

Switching to water can help you lose a substantial amount of weight - ditch your fizzy drink habit today!

Drinking water instead of fizzy drinks can help you lose 5% of your bodyweight (4 to 5 pounds), according to new research carried out at the University of North Carolina.

The research followed 318 people with a weight problem as they switched from fizzy drinks (like Coke, Fanta, Sprite and 7up) to sugar free alternatives and water. The study clearly showed that switching to water or diet soft drinks can be a simple way to lose weight.

Get Rid of Fizzy Drinks!

Switching to water had the greatest benefit and was linked to other important health improvements – like reduced blood sugar and better hydration levels. Reducing your blood sugar levels reduces your risk of type 2 diabetes – a dangerous illness that commonly affects people who are above a healthy weight. The study is published online and scheduled to appear in the March 2012 print issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Drink Water

Our advice is to totally avoid fizzy drinks – drink water instead! Fizzy drinks are full of sugar, and there is also evidence that they affect your bone health – some studies suggest that fizzy drink consumption increases your likelihood of getting brittle bones, or osteoporosis. Here are some quick tips to help make the change away from fizzy drinks:

  • Don’t buy fizzy drinks when you are doing your grocery shopping – if they’re not in the house, you’ll be less likely to drink them
  • Keep water easily available – on your desk at work, in a jug on your kitchen table, or in a bottle in the fridge
  • Does your tap water taste bad? Get a filter, or buy bottled water
  • Add some slices of lemon, lime or orange (or all three!) to give water an extra zing!
  • Be careful of fruit juices as even pure fruit juice is full of free sugar – dilute fruit juice with mineral water
  • Like the fizz? Use sparkling water and add a twist of lemon as a healthier alternative to fizzy drinks
  • If you are trying to lose weight, drink a glass of water before a meal, and drink water with your meal
  • Try switching to herbal teas – a great alternative to fizzy drinks

Stay Hydrated

A good way to check your hydration level is to keep an eye on your pee. It should be light coloured and relatively non-smelly. If it is dark coloured and strong smelling, drink more water.

The Bottom Line

If you’re watching your weight, fizzy drinks are a disaster! Switch to water & herbal teas today. It’ll help you shed pounds, and reduce your risk for some really nasty illnesses. You’ll also save yourself a fortune.

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