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Call us now on 087 930 7575 to find out how we can help you achieve your weight-loss goals. We love to talk about weight-loss, so why not call for some free advice? Alternatively, contact us online.

Our one-to-one weight loss coaching service gives you personal access to our revolutionary new weight-loss system. With our help you will:

  • Lose weight without starvation diets or calorie counting
  • Keep the weight off for good
  • Improve your energy levels and general health, reducing your risk of serious illness

We provide an intense, personal and private one-to-one weight loss service in Co. Clare. As part of the service, you’ll work directly with one of the Founders of TurnTrim at our Sixmilebridge clinic. The service includes:

  • A full assessment of your weight loss issues
  • An individually tailored diet and exercise plan
  • A weekly private appointment to help you stay on track
  • Regular text messages at key times to bolster and develop your willpower
  • Personal attention – we work with a strictly limited number of clients

Our Weight Loss System

Our weight-loss techniques focus on the quality of your diet, helping you move towards foods which facilitate weight-loss. We’ll help you to remove foods from your diet that contribute to weight-gain, so you’ll lose weight while enjoying healthy, natural food.

I’ve lost just over a stone in the 6 weeks that I’ve been working one-to-one with David – I haven’t starved myself and I’ve had loads of energy. I was getting over a hernia operation and I can’t believe the difference it made – I’m lighter, fitter and have more confidence!

Adam, Sixmilebridge *

We’ll help you turn your body into a fat-burning engine – your body will use body fat as fuel rather than constantly creating more fatty tissue. This will help you achieve your ideal weight, improve your energy levels and radically improve your general health.

We don’t advocate crash diets, and our system does not involve counting calories. We’ll help you improve the quality of your diet, and help you learn techniques for effortlessly managing your food intake. Our exercise prescriptions are scientifically designed to efficiently maximise fat-burning, and we base our exercise recommendations on your personal preferences. If you’d rather not exercise, you don’t have to.

We will give you the power to reach and sustain your target weight – whether you’re trying to lose a few pounds, or you need to lose a substantial amount of weight.

One to One Weight Loss Consultancy

Our one-to-one consultancy is intense and highly individual. This is what makes us different – we get to know you and provide you with the personal advice, support and resources you need. The service is totally private. No-one need ever know that you are taking part in a weight-loss programme – until they see the obvious results!

I started with TurnTrim 5 weeks before my wedding. I’m delighted to say that I lost weight, dropped a dress size, and managed to look great on my wedding day. The guys at TurnTrim made me believe it was possible, and with their help, I achieved it!

Nuala, Shannon *

The process begins with a detailed on-line questionnaire, which helps us to develop your initial weight-loss plan. This is followed by an in-depth consultation at our clinic near Sixmilebridge. After your initial consultation, we’ll provide you with your initial personal weight-loss plan, weekly weight-loss targets and welcome pack. You then attend weekly personal appointments for a six week period. During this time, you’ll receive daily text message reminders carefully designed to help you manage your individual weight-loss issues. For example, if we identify that you often get cravings for a banned food at 8pm, we’ll send you a relevant text message reminder at this time to keep you on track.

Your weekly appointments last for roughly one hour and you’ll see the same weight-loss expert throughout the six week course. We’ll make any necessary adjustments to your weight-loss programme each week, and help you to deal with any setbacks you may have had. We’ll evaluate the previous weeks diet, and provide you with an adjusted diet plan for the coming week. We will also weigh you and check your progress against your weekly weight-loss targets. Where necessary, your weekly appointment will include an exercise session to help you learn new techniques that you can use as part of your home exercise plan.

We provide a wide range of resources to keep you on track. This includes advice on diet, physical activity, leisure time, sleeping habits, time management, stress – basically any areas of your life that might be linked to your weight issue. You’ll be able to contact our team by email or phone at any time for support and advice – you’ll receive personal expert advice as many times as you need during office hours.

* All our testimonials respect the absolute privacy of our clients. For this reason, the names have been changed.

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