Exercise for Weight Loss Classes in Shannon

Exercise classes Shannon Co. Clare
TurnTrim Shannon exercise for weight-loss classes re-launch on 27th August 2012 – Call Elaine on 087 930 7575 for more details

Ladies in the Shannon area now have a unique opportunity to lose weight & tone-up. We’re re-launching our specially designed ladies exercise for weight loss classes at the Elite Fitness Centre, Smithstown, Shannon.

The classes cater for all fitness levels and are scientifically designed to help you burn fat and tone up. TurnTrim classes also include diet guidelines, motivational text messages, weight-loss coaching and an optional weigh-in.

We’ve designed the classes to be a fun and super efficient way to lose-weight. Each class includes a fat-burning exercise module, a body-conditioning module and a talk on weight-loss. You work at your own pace – we have two instructors at each class, so we can cater for all your needs. If you have an injury we are happy to adapt exercises for you, and classes are suitable for all shapes & sizes.

We also provide participants with diet guidelines and fun healthy homework assignments. After a few weeks on the TurnTrim programme, you won’t recognise yourself!

According to the World Health Organisation regular exercise helps you to control your weight and reduces your risk for heart disease and stroke. Exercise can even reduce risk for certain cancers, including colon & breast cancer. Regular exercise is also great for mental health – helping to reduce anxiety and stress. Moderate exercise also improves your “mood state” – releasing chemicals in your brain which give you a natural lift.

Being active is a great way to kick-start weight loss and improve your health – but exercise alone isn’t enough. Our classes are more than just an exercise session – we provide participants with comprehensive diet sheets and expert weight-loss coaching and advice. We track your weight-loss carefully when you attend classes, and there is a weekly weigh-in to keep you motivated. We also send you regular motivational text messages to keep you on track.

We provide you with:

  • An exercise class specially designed to burn fat
  • Diet guidelines
  • Weight-loss coaching & advice
  • Motivational text messages
  • A weekly weigh-in

You get all this for the super-low price of €10, which you pay as you go. As an added incentive, membership fees (usually €10) are free for August & September!

What are you waiting for? Get fit this Autumn!

Shannon exercise for weight-loss classes re-launch on 27th August 2012, 8:00 – 9:00 pm at the Elite Fitness Centre, Shannon. Call Elaine on 087 930 7575 for more details.