Elaine Egan

ElaineElaine Egan is an entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast, weight loss expert and mother of four. She has a keen interest in health and nutrition and enjoys inspiring people to lead healthier lives.

As one of the Founders of TurnTrim, Elaine is committed to helping people achieve their weight loss goals. Elaine manages the SmartActive exercise programme, along with TurnTrim content development. She enjoys listening to people and sharing their experiences as they work towards their weight loss goals. Elaine feels that her finest moment is when a client reaches their target weight and begins to live a healthier and more active life.

Elaine holds a second degree black belt and spent many years running martial arts clubs. She has decades of experience helping people with varying degrees of fitness achieve better health. When she isn’t helping people to reach their weight loss goals (or driving her children around), Elaine enjoys growing fruit and veg for the family, reading, yoga and kick-boxing.